Czech Republic

Czech Republic

This place Is amazing! It has a uniquely Czech culture. Which is amazing as it mannerges to stay so unique even though it Borders Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia .

The Velvet revolution wasn’t that long ago and you can still see it in the eyes of the old czech people even today! Velvet revolution happened in 1989 shortly after the Berlin wall fell bringing an end to the communist rule on the east of europe.

How is this relevant to my snowboard journey through this interesting country. This was not you’re normal snowboard trip!

On this trip there were two filmier Jono the bearded tattooed up rock star, Carey Hollinger the funny guy, Bevan Hall we all know from the Hallway, Jan Hurka our local guide and myself Liam Ryan.

I sussed a van through a Czech snowboard distribution company called Snowbitch who were really stocked on our idea to travel there country.

So when all the boys arrive in Prague all we had a sweet van, an awesome crew, a few local connection, a box of beer and we were let loose in Czech republic for 15 days.

What resulted was a hole bunch of snowboarding, Minimal sleep, a ton of time in the van, Way to many ‘Chows!’ ( local slang for good looking female), Way too much laughing, a bunch of U turns and hole lot of GOOD TIMES!

Here are a few shots of what we got up to in our 15 days in the mighty Czech Republic….

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