I have created two events with the help of my friends and we are slowly making them bigger and bigger! They are all based around good friends getting together to catch up and have a fun day!

Cricket and Can Day is an 11 on 11 game of cricket played on the field that my parents house backs onto, It involves a team of my friends vs a team of my youngers brothers friends. Every year the score has been very close which has always made for a great battle. Tui have been the title sponsor for a few year now and have helped make the day an awesome success! This year was it’s 5th year in a row and was the best one yet!


The other event I have started up and helped run is MAN DAY a day to celebrate being a man! The idea of the day was to get a bunch of men together and do manly activities while having a good time with the boys. It was its first year this year and has already gained alot of momentum. We are expecting to make big things for 2012.

Shooting clays
Slinging clays off the back of the ute
Chopping Wood
Rugby League

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